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Email marketing is no other than, the function of sending Email Database to market a particular product to a group of potential customers or existing customers. It is a way of communicating with a large group of people to promote a new product or inform people of any specials which you are offering. Email marketing is not random targeting of people, but a very scientific and strategic targeting of a specific group of people, based on a number of factors. Information is researched and gathered about Email Database potential customers; their buying habits, gender, preferences etc, via the function of marketing research. If the customer fits into the specific target market then they are added to the database Email Database and sent automatic marketing emails, used to promote a product, inform people or a special or a cause. An example of a cause, would be a non- profit organization who are looking for donations towards the rescuing of abused animals.

When building a database marketing plan Email Database it is important to remember that you need a good marketing strategy. You need to collect sufficient information on the customers buying habits, personal particulars and their life styles. You also need a program which can give you a statistical report of your database. And lastly, find out what motivates your customers to buy. You need to Email Database maintain a healthy relationship with your customers be providing them with interesting information, on a regular basis. If your product is a mobile phones for example; you can regularly Email Database them information about the latest technology or how to download music for free.

The offer- What you have to offer to the Email Database has to be of value to them. Whether you are marketing a product or promoting a campaign it is important that the person reading can see what they are getting out of the email. You can either do this by offering a better deal; such Email Database buy one get one free, or by offering a saving such as a percentage off the original price. If it is a campaign or fundraiser, you could make the person aware that their help, could be saving Email Database the life of a child, or helping a good cause. Here the person is been given an offer to add value.